Ministry Partnership

The Ministry Partnership program empowers Every Nation to enable men and women who are called to vocational ministry to pursue their calling. Hundreds of men and women are able to serve in Every Nation churches throughout Africa, because of partners who give financially towards their ministry call and the Every Nation vision to impact Africa to God’s glory.

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Why Ministry Partnership?

Every believer is called to reach the lost and make disciples, whether they are employed by a church or in another profession. (2 Corinthians 5:17-19) The majority of believers do not work as church staff members. They know that they are not called to be pastors, missionaries, campus ministers or church planters but they do know that they play a crucial role in ensuring that the Gospel is shared. Romans 10:14-15 explains how partnership works:

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?...”

We see here that partnership is a relationship between those called to “preach the Gospel” in a vocational sense and those called to be the “senders” of those preachers. It gives every believer the opportunity to do their part in ensuring that the Gospel is preached and God’s Kingdom advances.

The foundational principles of Ministry Partnership

For the foundation to sustain a building it requires different components working together. Cement, gravel, sand, steel and water, work together to provide strength and stability in a building’s foundation. Remove one component and destruction is inevitable.

The same applies in a Ministry Partnership relationship. The three foundational spiritual components working together to sustain the partnership are Faith, Relationship and Vision.


We ask anyone who considers becoming a Ministry Partner to pray and make a faith decision to partner or not to partner. Faith produces blessing to the ministry, the giver and the receiver because God is central to their partnership.


In the book of Nehemiah, King Artaxerxes gave Nehemiah all the materials he needed to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls (Nehemiah 2:7-9). An unbelieving king gave towards a believer, enabling him to serve people in need. This was motivated by his relationship with Nehemiah. Relational agreement between giver and receiver is essential for Ministry Partnership to work.


Habakuk 2:2-3 speaks of the necessity of having agreement on a Godly vision as a requirement for the vision to come to pass. The vision for the Every Nation churches is:

"To honour God by establishing Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation."

Ministry Partners support this vision when they partner with ministers from any Every Nation church. To summarize, Faith, Relationship and Vision working together is the foundation of healthy Ministry Partnership relationships. Please consider all these components as you listen and consider Ministry Partnership. No pressure, no guilt, just one focus, to honour God whether your answer is YES or NO.

More about who we are

We are Every Nation

We exist to honour God by establishing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.

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Every Nation is one of many parts of the wider church body. There are many churches that are doing what we cannot do and reaching people we cannot reach. It is our privilege to work together with every Bible-believing church to honour God and advance His kingdom.

Our responsibility as Every Nation is to be clear on our role and responsibility in the body of Christ and focus on that. This section shortly explains who Every Nation is, what we are called to do and what motivates us as individuals, teams and churches.

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This is what we do

Make Disciples

The one thing we do in church, on missions, on campus and through our social responsibility efforts, is to make disciples. We believe that discipleship starts with seeing lost people reconciled to their Heavenly Father, but very importantly, it does not finish there! Jesus went on to say that we should

“…teach them to obey everything that He commanded them.” (Matthew 28)

As we endeavor to do what Jesus commanded, we purposefully reach out to the lost and teach them to obey the Word of God. Our deepest desire is not just to see people get saved but to ensure we do all we can to see these new believers grow into mature sons and daughters of God who will in turn reach others and help them grow just as they did. We devote ourselves to this one thing, studying and learning how to be better at it – Making disciples of every nation!

As we make disciples, Jesus promised that He will build His church. This is the most “credible” partnership relationship that will transform the world - God and His children working together!

Disciples Our actions should show that we value the lost, which is the first step to being and making disciples. Discipleship can easily become a program for Christians, not a lifestyle where the lost are prioritised. It’s easy to teach discipleship to people in church without valuing lost people personally.

The Father, because of His compassion, sent Jesus to reconcile the world to Himself. His heart for people moved Him to ultimately give His life for them, He wasn’t moved by a program.

Jesus’ lifestyle defines our complete understanding of what the lifestyle of a disciple should look like; reaching the lost, establishing them in solid biblical foundations, equipping every one of them to be ministers and empowering them to minister to those in their communities.

The church exists not for the members in our churches but for those who do not know Jesus.

Raise leaders

Our priority is to raise God-fearing leaders who are servant hearted and Christ-like in character. Leaders who live by godly values and uncompromisingly seek to establish His Kingdom in whatever sphere of society they may find themselves.

“great leaders come from disciples”

Because we are called to establish churches in every nation we are commited to leadership development. We are intentionally multi generational and we deliberately create opportunities and platforms for next generation leaders.

“...and the things you have heard Me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qulaified to teach others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

Plant churches

The most effective means of evangelism throughout history has been church planting. Church is the primary vehicle for the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth today. The ultimate goal of our evangelism and missions is to establish new church planting churches that will become stronger, larger and more influential aiming to transform individuals, communities and ultimately the world.

Why Church planting?

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When we plant new churches, we reach new people and new cultures...

Although some churches can remain relevant to emerging cultures, planting new churches is the primary way the church adapts itself to an ever-changing culture.

We empower new leaders....

Leadership emerges when there is room to grow. Churches that are top heavy in leadership have a hard time empowering young leaders, but new church plants enable church members to become the next generation of leaders.

We plant the seed for social transformation...

From new church plants spring new opportunities and creative ideas to serve the needs of communities and cities and see them transformed by the Gospel.

Why World Missions?

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“Jesus has purchased people from every tribe, every tongue, and every nation.” - Revelation 5:9

Jesus has called us to go and make disciples of all nations and has empowered us with the Holy Spirit to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:19).

To plant, establish and grow local churches, that in turn will do the same.

Why Social Responsibility?

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We are committed to social responsibility because:

Jesus calls us to serve those in need. Matthew 25:35,40
Jesus calls us to be salt and light in our communities. Matthew 5:13,14,16
God calls us to stand for justice. Micah 6:8

Why The Campus?

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The Opportunity

Nineteen out of twenty people who come to Christ do so before the age of twenty-five. Forty-eight percent of the worlds’ population is under the age of twenty-five. Statistics show that by 2025 the number of students will be 252 million worldwide.

The leaders of tomorrow

Historically, the universities and colleges have been a seedbed of culture shapers and world leaders, sometimes for good and sometimes for evil. If we reach and disciple this group with the Gospel today, one day they will change the world for Jesus.

Change the campus, change the world

Culturally, university campuses are becoming more and more diverse, giving us a unique opportunity to reach the nations with the Gospel by reaching out to international students in our cities.

Creating a continent of followers for God


AfricaDream Partnership is the mandate that implements the Every Nation mission, values and motive outlined above, within Africa.

Every member in every church is working together in praying, giving and going to ensure that we plant a disciple-making church in every nation of Africa. As churches and individuals we believe that the first step to seeing Africa transformed is to plant churches that will plant churches and that church members will make disciples that will make disciples. A church family like this is called an Apostolic Church Planting movement.

We strategize and plan every church plant in South Africa and Africa to become an Apostolic church-planting-church as we work to see Africa transformed to the glory of God.

Make a difference by becoming a ministry partner

How to become a Ministry Partner?

Not every believer is called to step into vocational ministry but every believer is called to play a part in ensuring that the Gospel is presented and disciples are made in every nation. The vision explained in this booklet becomes possible when individuals partner with vocational ministers, supporting their ministry through prayer, monthly financial support or with skills, as explained below.


  1. Pray for the people God impresses on your heart.
  2. Pray for the lost.
  3. Pray for those ministering in Christ, for grace to share the Gospel, for provision, protection, etc.
  4. As Every Nation churches we pray and fast together every 1st Thursday of the month for the nations. Come and join us at our Every Nation church for this event.
  5. Participate in specific prayer issues eg. Missions.


  1. Become a Ministry Partner and give financially via debit order or direct deposit.
  2. Practically give of your time and skills. For example: doctors, dentists, or accountants can commit to provide services at reduced rates to those you are partnering with.


  1. As you follow Jesus, share the Gospel and reach the lost.
  2. Take some time and join the person that you partner with in their ministry field.
  3. Plan your vacations in such a way that you can join the person you partner with on a mission’s trip.
  4. As a businessman or woman be deliberate in trusting God to become a Ministry Partner. You can go to support and invest in other nations through your business gift. By:
    • going to mentor or train their business people to become excellent in serving their communities with business skills.
    • going to open a business that can be used as a platform to witness to others or to provide church planters with an entry point into the country, by means of a job.


On a ministry level partnership staff are accountable to their local church leadership. All financial partnerships are received by Every Nation South Africa’s Partnership Office where they are administrated and staff receive their full salaries from here.

EN Tshwane Partnership Office
(012) 807 3000 |

EN South Africa Partnership Office
(021) 595 1221 |


We would love to hear from you

Get in touch to partner with us

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